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CRM for Realtors! Capture, Cultivate, Convert.

The essence of all selling is to convert prospects into actual sales. RealtySoft's New Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool helps do just that -- organize and simplify your prospects and activities to move faster and with more assurance toward a final sale. Use the full range of RealtySoft CRM features to help you stay on top of your appointments, your follow-ups, working quickly and efficiently with your contacts. RealtySoft CRM is fully equipped with:


MyEmails makes using email easy and will automatically link your prospect or client communications to your MyContacts records.


MyContacts provides a single comprehensive view of your contact database. It's powerful “File Under” feature will link your contacts to all of their e-mails, notes, tasks, appointments, and documents. It's an easy way to help you stay on top of your prospects and clients at all times.


MyLeads helps manage all your incoming leads quickly and efficiently. You can create fully customizable lead capture forms that you can place on your websites and blogs. All leads generated from those forms are gathered under MyLeads section of your CRM. Managing your leads has never been this easy!


Stay organized. Never miss a deadline, meeting, showing or open house ever again with an easy-to-use daily, weekly or monthly calendar that will display all of your appointments in one convenient place – and it's fully accessible online! MyCalendar exploits the “File Under” feature to connect clients with specific appointments helping you relate all calendar events for individual contacts.


Upload and manage documents, including photos and other images, agreements, listings, and others files. Send documents, receive documents and associate them directly with your contacts via the “File Under” feature, or store them for yourself in your account.


Micromanage your day by creating to-do lists to guide your activities. Go as deep as you like – you can plan ahead and organize your week by adding daily chores hour by hour. All tasks are linked with the “File Under” feature to allow you to assign tasks to specific contacts and easily find all to-do tasks client by client.


Leave yourself important client notes that you’ll be able to retrieve at the click of a button. Our “File Under” feature will allow you to not only view client notes but also easily locate notes about specific clients.


RealtySoft CRM's powerful "Activity Log" feature allows you to see exactly what your clients or prospects are up to at any given time. Keep on top of what properties they viewed, the searches they conducted on your website, how many times they logged into your website, and much more.


Drip marketing campaigns and action plans are the heart of any good CRM solution. Automate your client interactions like never before by using the MyCampaigns feature of RealtySoft CRM.


You no longer have to visit different websites to get hold of the latest information on your topics of interest. With RSS, content such as news headlines, articles and other items are sent to you automatically. It's then up to you to decide which articles you're interested in reading.

Easy and All Together

RealtySoft CRM is easy to use and powerful. It's almost like having a Super-Microsoft Outlook at your disposal wherever you are. Not only is it accessible online, it also provides you the powerful “File Under” feature which enables you to find all information relating to any of your contacts and prospects in just seconds - a big help to quicken, simplify, organize and improve your communications with your clients.

RealtySoft CRM Features

  • A Single Dashboard
  • Everything Important in One Place
  • Multiple Viewpoints
  • "File Under"
  • Categorize For Efficiency
  • Easy Searching
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Drip marketing campigns
  • Fully integrates with your RealtySoft website & IDX
  • Keep tabs on your prospects and clients!
  • Track ALL your website visitors
  • Bottom line; use RealtySoft CRM to SELL MORE!
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